Tips to Mature a New Tank

Have you recently set-up a new tank and would like to mature it without additional time? This seems to be a common roadblock that many aqua-culturists faces, and we have an easy solution. Read on to find out how you can easily mature your tank with a few simple steps…



Refugium Packs


A refugium pack will contain most of what you need to get your tank to a mature state: high-quality phytoplankton and a variety of zooplankton. Start with the correct refugium pack for your tank; freshwater or marine. The ratio should be similar to the below;


For a 40L tank, use 125ml of refugium pack – (1.25ml per 400ml minimum)


The Micro Magic will help stabilise the pH of the water, both the rotifers and copepods will have a chance to get established in the tank, they will provide the nutrition for any fry and allow you to have mandarin fish and seahorses and pipefish.


You can purchase Freshwater Refugium Packs here OR Marine Refugium packs here.


Fluid from Filter Floss


Add a good squeeze from the existing filter floss into the tank. This will ensure that the beneficial type of bacteria needed to mature your tank is added into the water. The addition of bacteria will defiantly expedite the cycling process and get your tank ready for the new inhabitants.



Micromagic phytoplankton in Freshwater and Marine is available on our website and is essential for maturing a new tank.


If you have any further questions on how to mature your tank you can send us a message via our website or email us at