5 Benefits of Storing Live Food Eggs

There are many benefits to storing live food eggs, here are some of them…


A new critter that won’t eat

When a new creature is introduced into your tank, it can be a bit of a a shock to them, no matter how much you acclimate and try to replicate their perfect environment. At the end of the day, it’s new territory and in this case, many fish and other creatures find it difficult to eat. This is where eggs come in. Eggs, such as artemia (brine shrimp eggs), fairy shrimp eggs and daphnia eggs, are a perfect way to feed creatures that are in slight distress. It is a simple food, easy to find and easy to digest, allowing them to have enough nutrients to get by until they are more comfortable to eat larger foods and thrive.


Surprising new guests

It’s always a nice surprise when you weren’t expecting your fish to spawn and suddenly, they have! But now, you have the responsibility of taking care of these little creatures. Of course, you want to make sure as many of them survive as possible, but if you don’t have the right food on hand, it’s very difficult and chances will be slim. However, if you have some brine, daphnia, or fairy shrimp eggs on hand, it’s a whole new story. These eggs can be fed directly to the fry, or they can be hatched using our hatching kits available, such as the Brine Shrimp Hatchery Kit. We also have a Mini Brine Shrimp Hatching Kit which is perfect to keep on hand just for urgent times like this.


Spare Food Source

Just as we humans like to store spare dried foods like rice, pasta, and oats as staples in the pantry, it’s a clever idea to do this for your aquarium. Eggs don’t take up much space at all, they can very easily be stored and will last years before expiring, especially in the right environments. So, if one day you happen to miss your order of live foods and you’re stuck, you can simply use the eggs until you get your hands on what you need.


What Eggs are Available?

We have a wide range of both freshwater and marine eggs for every type of tank owner. See below our list of eggs and click through to view the descriptions and the benefits of each:

Brine Shrimp Eggs/Artemia Cysts

Freshwater Daphnia Eggs

Freshwater Clam Shrimp Eggs

Triops (Tadpole Shrimp) Eggs

Freshwater Rotifer Eggs

Aussie Fairy Shrimp Eggs