5 Interesting Facts about Australian Fairy Shrimp

We delve into 5 Facts about Australian Fairy Shrimp that will leave you marveling at the wonders of aquatic life Down Under. From their remarkable ability to withstand extreme environmental conditions to their important ecological contributions, Australian Fairy Shrimp are truly remarkable organisms worth exploring.

Facts about Australian Fairy Shrimp

Australian Fairy Shrimp, often found in temporary freshwater bodies across the Australian continent, are fascinating creatures that play a unique role in their ecosystems.

1. They have no exoskeleton

The unique transparent appearance of Fairy Shrimp is due to the absence of any carapace/exoskeleton. However, they are still quite visible to the naked eye which makes them interesting to culture and easy food to find for aquaria.

2. A unique appearance

Australian Fairy Brine Shrimp are easy to spot as they are much bigger than the common American variety of brine shrimp. This means two things; they hold onto more nutrients in their bodies and they provide your aquaria with a more nutritiously dense feed. Making this plankton even more unique is the variable colour that they offer. They can be found in a variety of different shades.

3. An unusual habitat

Many people do not know that Australian Fairy Shrimp’s habitat is in-stream. This means they are usually found in temporary freshwaters including; ponds, ditches, rock holes, and pools.

4. They like a cool environment

All plankton have a temperature that they thrive in most, and for Australian Fairy Shrimp, that temperature is cooler than most at 10-20 degrees Celsius. Some would think that being an Australian species, they would like warmer temperatures, but this isn’t the case with these critters!

5. They are popular for kids

Due to the unique attributes listed above, Australian Fairy Shrimp is one of the most popular foods to culture. They are especially good for kids to learn about aquaculture as they are visible and easy to watch. They are also relatively easy to culture, and we have the instructions for How to Culture Fairy Shrimp on the product page.

If you have any questions or are interested in culturing Fairy Shrimp, please contact us on our website, email or via our Facebook page. You can buy Australian Fairy Shrimp here.