Tips to Keep Aquarium Water Clean

1. Start Your Aquarium Correctly

 When setting up your tank for the first time, there are many things you can do to ensure that the water stays as clean as possible. When adding each component into your tank, be mindful of where the water came from. Even the most trusted aquarium shops can harvest unwanted bacteria and algae in their water which will be added into your tank if not filtered out first.


2. Use a Sieve

If you are adding any new fish, cultures, phytoplankton or live food such as copepods, rotifers and amphipods, it is very important to use a sieve. A sieve can ensure that only the essential elements are added and that no unwanted pests, polluted water or bacteria will enter your tank.


3. Add Live Plants to Your Aquarium

 An easy way to help keep your tank clean is by adding live aquatic plants. This is also something that can help emphasize the aesthetic nature of your tank while also making it more realistic and comfortable for your fish as it replicates the appearance of the ocean floor.


4. Use the Correct Filter

There are many different filters on the market and are all specialised for different types of aquariums and their needs. So, ensuring you have the correct filter for your tank can be an essential step in the long-term cleanliness of the water. The filter that you choose should be suitable for both the kinds of fish you have in the aquarium as well as the types of live plants, artificial plants and any other components.


5. Clean Your Aquarium with Vibrant

Once you have ensured that the above steps have been undertaken and you are still finding some issues with your water, Aquatic Live Food have products for this. Vibrant is the main product we would recommend for overall water health. Vibrant will rid the water of any algae, cloudy water, leaving you with sparkling clean, crystal clear, healthy water for your aquaria. Vibrant is available in 3 different formulas; saltwater, freshwater and reef to suit the type of aquarium you have.