Shipping & Delivery Times

We use Australia Post as our shipping carrier. We offer an insurance option as well. We deliver all live goods to the post office in the am on Monday – Wednesday. This is to ensure that they have the best and most efficient transport. Any orders with live goods that come in after 11 am will go the next day. If after 11 am Wednesday they will go the following Monday. Non-live goods are shipped all week.

We will ensure the safe delivery of live goods to an Australia Post Office, we will collect the lodgement receipt in case of a late delivery claim. We will scan and email a copy by request so a customer can make a late delivery claim against Australia Post’s Express Post Next Day Delivery Guarantee. PRIOR to making a claim check your delivery area is covered by the next day delivery service. Check here:  If you are within the next day area you can make a claim for late delivery. Australia Post will make a decision and may provide you with a replacement satchel or a refund of the satchel cost.

Domestic Delivery Times – If you’d like to check how long you should expect your parcel to take, please check the Domestic Delivery Times table on the Australia Post website here. 

We may, at our discretion provide replacement goods, or goods at a discounted price if live goods arrive and you believe they are dead.

For DOA confirmation we require the following information to be provided:

  • A 10-second video of the bottle/s or package/s and close enough to see contents.
  • Bottle/s or package/s to be on a table or flat surface.
  • A bright light close to or against the side or bottom of the bottle/s or package/s.
  • Email the video/s to sales@aquaticlivefood.com.au and we will provide an answer.
Once you have placed your order, you should receive regular updates from Toll, or if you are receiving delivery via Australia post, you can track your order here.
You will also receive emails to notify you of either Toll or Aust Post’s tracking information after pick up or after the drop of post office each Mon, Tues or Wednesday.
To track your goods via Toll, click here
To track your goods via Australia Post, click here 

Aquatic Live Food Arrive Alive Guarantee Policy

IMPORTANT: Please read before buying our live plankton either zooplankton or phytoplankton and other live aquatic Aquacultured products:

We guarantee live arrival of our live aquaculture zooplankton: Amphipods, Copepods, Rotifers, Macro Algae, Phytoplankton, Daphnia, Clam Shrimp, MicroMagic blends and Fairy Shrimp etc.

But certain conditions must be met. This being said:

The conditions are:

#1 Someone must be present to receive and inspect the package on the FIRST DELIVERY attempt.

#2 We must be notified* of DOA (dead on arrival) within TWO HOURS of FIRST DELIVERY TIME.

If these conditions are met, then we will replace the DOA at no cost to you. Our zooplankton and phytoplankton are living organisms. They cannot survive outside in the weather or in your mailbox for any length of time. They need to breathe just like you.


* notified = email with a video attachment of 8+ seconds close (within 10mm) to the container. Have the container on a flat surface and still, and some light beside the container. A photo will not be sufficient to show what we need to see normally.

If you are having trouble sending a video from your phone, you can use WeTransfer. To access WeTransfer, click here! Follow the instructions on the website to attach the video from your phone and email to us – sales@aquaticlivefood.com.au

A Word about Live Organisms:

All orders are subject to availability at the time shipment is requested. A variation from one specimen to the next is possible, including those cultured under laboratory conditions. Aquatic Live Food makes every effort to provide specimens at specific stages as requested, however, there may be variables beyond our control. Some live items are seasonal by nature, and they may be only available at certain times of the year. There may also be fluctuations in supplying some of these items from year to year due to weather conditions or other factors. We appreciate your understanding. Due to some possible state regulations, we may not be able to ship some living material to certain states. Customers should check with their state’s regulations and restrictions.