Artemia Cysts Salina Brine Shrimp

Artemia Cysts Salina Brine Shrimp: The Cornerstone of Aquatic Larviculture

The field of mariculture and larviculture of fish and shellfish relies heavily on the utilization of Artemia Cysts, specifically those of Artemia salina, more commonly known as Brine Shrimp. These tiny creatures, in their nauplii stage, are widely recognized as one of the primary food sources for early aquatic life. Each year, the global distribution of over 2000 metric tons of dry Artemia cysts is instrumental in sustaining a diverse range of aquatic organisms during their early developmental stages.

The Unique Dormancy of Artemia Cysts

Artemia cysts are distinguishable due to their remarkable ability to form dormant embryos, often referred to as ‘cysts.’ This distinctive trait is a key factor in establishing their reputation as a versatile and exceptional source of larval nutrition. These cysts are readily available throughout the year, found along the coastlines of hypersaline lakes, coastal lagoons, and solar saltworks across continents. After harvesting and processing, we efficiently package and store these cysts for convenient, on-demand use as live feed.

The Hatching Process and Nutrient-Rich Nauplii

Upon submersion in seawater for approximately 24 hours, these dormant cysts undergo hatching, releasing free-swimming nauplii. Packed with essential nutrients, these nauplii serve as an ideal live food source for the larvae of both marine and freshwater organisms. The simplicity and low labor requirements involved in utilizing Artemia nauplii contribute to their status as the preferred choice for aquaculture.

Artemia Cysts: Nourishing Aquatic Life with Ease

In summary, Artemia Cysts, particularly those of Artemia salina or Brine Shrimp, occupy a pivotal role in sustaining the early stages of aquatic life within the aquaculture industry. Their unique ability to provide highly nutritious live food in a convenient and efficient manner has solidified their status as an indispensable resource for aquaculturists around the globe.

American Brine Shrimp Eggs
American Brine Shrimp Eggs

Single-American-Brine-Shrimp   American Brine Shrimp Eggs   American Brine Shrimp

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