Benefits of a Home Culture Kit for your aquarium.

Regardless of what kind of fish or coral you have in your tank, there is no doubt that live food such as; Rotifers, Copepods, Saltwater Amphipods, Daphnia and Freshwater Amphipods are going to be useful in feeding and maintaining a healthy ecosystem in your aquarium. To start and maintain a live food culture, you’re going to need a Home Culture Kit.

But what exactly is a Home Culture Kit?
A Home Culture Kit from Aquatic Live Food contains everything you need to start a live food culture. One of our most popular Home Culture Kits are the Daphnia Culture Kits and contain everything to help these little critters grow, breed and multiply, creating an endless food stream for your tank.
The Daphnia Culture Kit contains: live daphnia, ADaM growing media, algae paste OR live freshwater phytoplankton culture, slow release feed kit, and 250ml IV bag PLUS a stainless steel feed hanger to assist the feeding process! More than enough to start the process that’s for sure.
But what are the benefits? Are they worth investing in?
These are questions we get a lot from customers and we can understand why. Let’s look at your situation as someone who either considers themselves a professional aquarist or simply loves their hobby of maintaining a healthy tank with happy fish and coral. If you are already purchasing live foods such as Daphnia or Copepods, there’s a big chance you are having to purchase batches of these regularly (which is fine by us!) But jokes aside, you should be looking at a Home Culture Kit as an investment. Think of yourself without a Home Culture Kit as someone who buys take out every lunch and dinner and therefore, wastes money on a weekly basis. If you had the skills and equipment to cook yourself meals every day then you save yourself a fortune in the long run – that’s what Home Culture Kits have been designed for. They have been specially made for you, our customers to try it yourself, to really dig into the aquarium hobby deeper and create your own live food for your tank.
We hope this article clears up exactly what Home Culture Kits are and why they are a great investment! If you have any experiences with them, we would love to hear in the comments below. Also if you have any questions, always feel free to contact us via the Contact Us form on the website.