Benefits of Hatching Kits for Kids

Our Hatching Kits for Kids have been popular among parents as they make education fun and a great way to pass the time productively. If you’re on the fence about these kits for your child, read about the many benefits we have uncovered…

Science skills

For kids who already love science, these kits are a great way to enhance their skills and understanding of different tools and equipment and follow instructions from the e-book. For others who aren’t so into science, these kits can be a great way to spark an interest in science in a hands-on way, where they can see life be hatched before their eyes.

Tip: For more advanced kids who may already be capable of carrying out this experiment easily, why not try to add a list of questions they need to answer by the end of the experiment? For example: Approximately how many Daphnia/Triops do you think there are in the container? What is the most important environmental factor for hatching these eggs? What food source is most crucial for the Daphnia/Triops once they have hatched?

Deeper Understanding of Marine Biology and the Environment

In a tech-based world, where we are out of touch with the environment on many levels, parents and teachers must provide children with many hands-on experiences that help them understand biology and our environment on a deeper level. For older kids, you can also ask how these tiny creatures affect us in the food chain and discuss how we can preserve and maintain them in our oceans for many years.

 Low-Maintenance Pet!

The Daphnia and Triops are fun to hatch, and they make super-interesting pets and can even breed rapidly, making many more over time. Your children can watch these tiny creatures live and breed and take responsibility for feeding them their food source (phytoplankton) to ensure their survival. Having the small container of these critters is also a great reminder of the environment they live in and their responsibility to look after it every day.

An Affordable Boredom Buster

As parents, we sometimes struggle to develop something new and unique for the kids to do that doesn’t cost a bomb. Our hatching kits, at only $42.50 AUD are a great way to pass time for kids over the school holidays or even a rainy weekend. The Daphnia Kit even comes with a print-out colouring page for kids to further understand the anatomy of the Daphnia.

Where can you buy the Kids Hatching Kits?

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