Benefits of MacroAlgae in Your Tank

Macroalgae or seaweed refers to thousands of species of macroscopic, multicellular, marine algae. These seaweeds come in many different sizes, colours, and shapes, which make them appealing for aquarium owners as they brighten up tanks. But they are not all for looks…


As many aquarium hobbyists know, macroalgae have an essential role to play in keeping tank environments healthy and flourishing.




  1. Macroalgae remove and consume ammonia and ammonium

This is essential for keeping your tank water clean and healthy. If your tank experiences a build-up of any of these elements, your fish and corals will be in danger as they are exposed to a toxic environment.


  1. Macroalgae remove inorganic nitrite & phosphate and leave the organic kind

Let’s first clarify the difference between INORGANIC and ORGANIC nitrate & phosphate. Inorganic nitrate & phosphate along with metals and CO2 saturate the water with oxygen from photosynthesis and provide some food to the animals too. The inorganic elements are usually what your test kits read. Organic nitrate and phosphate are natural and healthy for your fish and corals to consume.


So essentially, macroalga is just another one of the miraculous and clever parts of the aquatic ecosystem. Not only do the macroalga consume the inorganic versions of nitrate and phosphate but they also leave the organic versions of these elements that are healthy for your fish to consume!


  1. Macroalgae is more effective than skimmers

Many seek technology to replace the roles of macroalgae and other elements of the tank. However, there is no technology thus far that can imitate the cleverness of the macroalgae in its ability to consume only the inorganic nitrate and phosphate. Unfortunately, skimmers can also take food (protein) away from the animals. The inorganics they leave behind are then used by the nuisance algae on your rocks and glass to grow.


  1. They provide shelter for small fish, copepods, rotifers, and more!

It’s important to have spaces of shelter for small creatures in your tank to feel safe. The macroalgae are the way that mother nature has provided this shelter in the ocean and by using it in your tank you replicate the most organic source of shelter for your fish and other inhabitants.


  1. Macroalgae provide a source of nutrients for your fish

Macroalgae is not only beneficial for the tank environment and water but also provides nutrients by simply being present in the tank – amazing!


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