Copepods and MicroMagic Guide for Tank Volumes

When customers purchase copepods, other live foods, and phytoplankton (MicroMagic) we are commonly asked about which size they should choose for their specific tank volume. This is certainly an appropriate question, which is why we have put together an easy-to-understand guide to live foods and tank volumes.


By reading the below tables as a guide, you will be able to find the correct size bottle of live goods for your tank.



0 – 50L 125ml PODS
51 – 100L 250ml PODS
201 – 400L 500ml PODS
601 – 1000 1000ml PODS


Other live foods besides copepods: The above table will apply directly to similar live foods to copepods such as daphnia and rotifers. Please check with us for other species of live foods that are much larger or different from copepods (e.g. Amphipods or Blackworms)


MicroMagic (Phytoplankton)

5ml per 40 litres

Approximates below

75ml for 600L 250ml Micro Magic
100ml for 800L 500ml Micro Magic
200ml for 1600L 1000ml Micro Magic


Please note: MicroMagic volume is inclusive of 3 feeds per week @ 5ml per 40 litres.


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