Copepods as Food for Fish and Corals

Copepods as Food for Fish and Corals: A Marine Delicacy

When we think of gourmet food in the ocean, what typically comes to mind? Perhaps vibrant coral reefs teeming with colorful fish or the enigmatic deep-sea creatures lurking in the abyss. However, one often overlooked delicacy plays a pivotal role in the marine ecosystem: copepods. In this blog, we’ll delve into the significance of copepods as food for fish and corals, revealing their crucial contribution to the health and vitality of underwater habitats.

Why Buy Copepods from Aquatic Live Food (ALF)

There are many reasons to buy Copepod from Aquatic Live Food (ALF) as food for Mandarin fish and corals.

Significance of Copepods in Marine Life

Ocean animals like Mandarin fish, seahorses, corals, squid, cuttlefish, shellfish, clams, all the way up to our exciting whales, depend on eating those lovely live copepods as an integral part of their diet. Live copepods and Phytoplankton are the best live fish food you can feed your saltwater reef or fish aquarium tank.

Choosing the Right Supplier

When you buy copepods and Amphipods for sale online, it’s best to find a dependable source, someone with the most variety of copepod types available in one place. Buy Copepods straight from our Larviculture farm so you get the freshest copepods, rotifers, clam shrimp and when available amphipods and Mysid shrimp. This is the best way to get quality feed copepods online.

Our Ultimate Reef Mix

Products like our Ultimate Reef Mix have 5 types of copepods, 3 types of rotifer, clam shrimp, salps mixed together along with 6 types of essential phytoplankton which is the key to healthy copepod and zooplankton population.

Benefits of Regularly Feeding with Copepods

If you buy our copepods once a month to feed your fish, corals and invertebrates, you will notice an improvement in their health, colour and vitality.

Establishing a Breeding Colony

By introducing a range of copepods to your tank like the wild mix, these copepods can establish a breeding colony and start reproducing in the tank for a constant supply of the most nutritious fish food for healthy reef life. The wild zooplankton mix contains large numbers (1500-200) copepod nauplius (Nauplius = 6 instar stages) (Copepodite = juvenile copepod, 5 stages of change).

Copepod Life Stages

Copepods and Amphipods are a very important and essential source of vitamins, omega 3 and 6, and various enzymes that fish and corals need to lead the most productive life in captivity.

Optimizing Reef Tank Health

If you want your reef tank habitats to be at their optimum health, feed them our live Aquatic Live Foods variety of Copepod, Amphipod, Rotifer and Clam shrimp, or any of our live zooplankton range.

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