Culturing Algae

A Comprehensive Guide to Culturing Algae with Aquatic Live Food

At Aquatic Live Food, we’re passionate about the aquatic world. While many aquaria-related tasks can be enjoyable, they can also be intricate. Our mission? To demystify one of the most sought-after procedures – culturing algae. Whether you’re a visual learner or prefer reading detailed instructions, we’ve covered you with our YouTube tutorials and our comprehensive ‘Algae Culture Manual E-book’.

Algae Culturing Simplified: A Step-by-Step Guide

To make the algae culturing procedure more accessible, we’ve broken it down into two primary stages. Each phase comprises clear, easy steps.

Part 1: Initiating the Culture

Embark on your algae cultivation journey by creating a foundational algae culture primed for unlimited growth.

  1. Essential Supplies: Assemble one flask, 500ml chlorine-free water, algae nutrients, culture salts, and an initial algae culture.
  2. Craft the Culture Media: Blend culture salts and nutrients with 500ml water to form your culture media. Preserve this mixture in a cool, shaded area for the subsequent stage.
  3. Merge Culture Media with Algae: Mix 50ml of your culture media into your flask with the algae culture, ideally using a transfer pipette.
  4. Cultivation: Position your flask in an area receiving indirect sunlight and agitate daily. After roughly a week, your culture should be ripe for the next stage.

Part 2: Augmenting the Culture

Having established a thriving algae culture, it’s time to amplify its volume as the algae intensify in density, evident by its deep green hue.

  1. Partition the Culture: Divide the original 50ml algae culture from Part 1 between two flasks, allocating 25ml to each.
  2. Enhance with Culture Media: Incorporate 25ml of culture media into each flask, culminating in 50ml per flask.
  3. Growth Multiplication: Congratulations, you’ve doubled your culture! Continue this methodology until you’re prepared to transition into more spacious containers, perpetuating the doubling principle.

Dive Deeper with Video Tutorials:


For the Avid Algae Enthusiast: Seeking an in-depth exploration of algae cultivation? Delve into our meticulous ‘Algae Culture Manual E-book’