Daphnia Culturing Made Simple

Simplified Freshwater Zooplankton Daphnia Culturing


Many aquarium enthusiasts often ask us how to culture freshwater zooplankton Daphnia throughout the year successfully. Whether you’re preparing to feed newborn axolotls, koi, guppies, discus, angelfish, flower horns, or bettas, starting a Daphnia culture is crucial.

Understanding Zooplankton Daphnia

Commonly known as “water fleas,” Daphnia or Daphnids are small crustaceans belonging to the Daphniidae family, part of the Cladocera group. Their erratic, jerky movement through the water has earned them their colloquial name.

Key Steps to Culturing Daphnia

For those in haste to establish a thriving Daphnia culture, follow these straightforward steps:

1. Use Chlorine-Free Freshwater:

Opt for water that has been aged for a few weeks, if possible, to eliminate chlorine.

2. Provide Corners:

Daphnia are fond of corners. Create extra corners in the culture environment to facilitate their growth.

3. Ensure Adequate Aeration:

Incorporate large bubbles to improve water-bubble-oxygen exchange, crucial for the Daphnia’s survival.

4. Maintain Water Quality:

Conduct 30% water changes weekly and ensure ammonia levels are zero or very close to it for a healthy culture.

Following Instructions

For more detailed guidance, refer to our instruction manual: Daphnia Culture Made Simple.


Culturing Daphnia can be straightforward and hassle-free with the right approach and conditions. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll have a thriving Daphnia culture ready to nourish your aquatic life in no time.