Getting the most out of your Micro Magic Subscription

Why is phytoplankton important?

In your endeavour to optimise the health of your tank and aquaria, you may have come across our subscription process. One of our most popular subscription products is our MicroMagic phytoplankton – both marine and freshwater types.

Phytoplankton is an essential component of a natural marine or freshwater environment, so it seems only logical to add it to your tank regularly.

Benefits of MicroMagic subscription:

  • Balance out bad bacteria and prevent nuisance algae
  • Feed the zooplankton that you are culturing for your aquaria as food
  • Feed the live zooplankton that naturally thrive in your tank
  • Removing excess nutrients and detritus in your tank
  • Create a natural, well-rounded eco-system in your aquarium

How often should you dose MicroMagic Subscription?

You may be wondering how often and how much phytoplankton to use based on your tank size. Luckily, we have put together a neat article and table guide specifically for this measurement. Click below to read the full article on Copepods and MicroMagic Guide for Tank Volumes

The general rule of thumb when it comes to frequency of dosing MicroMagic subscriptions is 3x times per week, however, you can also dose daily with smaller amounts if you have the extra time.

What time of day is best to add phytoplankton?

You can add your MicroMagic to your tank at any time of the day but generally it would be more effective to add it after lights out when the tank is darker and the phyto can adjust to the environment without the added factor of light.

Should you turn off skimmer when adding phytoplankton?

Yes, if possible, the skimmer should be turned off for around an hour after adding the phytoplankton to the tank. This will allow it to settle and optimise the effectiveness of the MicroMagic. Keep in mind, this process of turning off the skimmer is also recommended when adding copepods and other live foods for the same reason. The same process applies for mechanical filtration. It should it be stopped for the same amount of time as the skimmer at minimum and for up to 3 hours.

What changes could you expect to see in your tank by using MicroMagic subscription?

Depending on your initial situation, a variety of changes will be noticed in one week to a month and will continue to improve over longer periods.

For example, if you are starting off with a nuisance algae outbreak, the MicroMagic subscription will start to mend this outbreak within the first week and you will notice visible changes. If you are trying to mature your tank, you will notice some plant growth, healthy algae growing on walls of tank and beneficial bacteria. If you have zoolplankton in your tank you will also notice that these will dramatically thrive with the dosage of phytoplankton as it is their main food source.

Benefits of Having Combo Subscription

Looking at treating nuisance algae, maturing your tank or simply keeping your tank healthy and thriving? Then, it makes sense to invest in a COMBO subscription. We have Copepods & MicroMagic for Marine tanks or Daphnia & MicroMagic for Freshwater tanks.