How to have an Aquarium on a Budget

Do you have a passion for aquaria but are finding it hard to maintain? Are you interested in starting your own home aquarium but are worried about the costs? At Aquatic Live Food, we want everyone to know they can be involved in this hobby for minimal costs, which is why we have put together some tips on how to save money on your home aquarium.


Invest Time Not Money

Are you buying your live foods and phytoplankton on a regular basis? With Aquatic Live Food, you can essentially set-up your own complete eco-system of aquaria. Our Home Culture System is designed to allow you to harvest live foods from home. Plus, our Live Algae Culture Starter Kits give you everything you need to grow your own phytoplankton which feeds the live foods.


So, if you would love an aquarium hobby but don’t have the large budget for it, you can essentially DIY the whole process and never have to make regular purchases for live foods/phytoplankton again! Doing this set-up, you can also help you learn a lot more about your hobby. As a bonus, we are always here if you have any questions throughout the process.


Make the Most of Sales

The next best thing you can do to save money on your aquarium is to be sales savvy! Just like brick and mortar stores, here at Aquatic Live Food, we have sales throughout the year. This is to give everyone a chance to try our wide range of aquaria products. So, why not make the most of this opportunity and save big on the sales throughout the year.


The best way to stay up to date with our sales is to sign up for our e-newsletter. You can do this via our website or Facebook page sign-up form. We also post all coupon codes and sales on our Facebook and Instagram pages. The coupon codes are given out at least a couple of days. Some sales last for 10 days whereas some only go for 24 hours! So, having these updates is essential to ensure you get the best deal and save money in the long run.


Think Outside the Box (and Tank!)

Of course, for fish and corals, it is important to have a fish tank. However, for live foods and phytoplankton, you may not always need a fish tank. It is common for many people to think they will need a fish tank to harvest live foods or phytoplankton and this is not always the case. You can certainly go ahead and start harvesting these aquaria in a glass or plastic container or even a large drink bottle! As long as the phytoplankton or live food has enough space, has the correct temperature and is sufficiently aerated, they will thrive.


So, if you are considering starting up a home aquarium but are unsure if you are able to on a small budget, we are here to say – you can! At Aquatic Live Food, we will support you every step of the way and you can contact us via our Facebook page or website.