Marine Amphipods

Understanding Zooplankton Marine Amphipods: Small but Beneficial

Size and Characteristics

Our Zooplankton Marine Amphipods are generally small, measuring less than 10 millimetres long. These tiny invertebrates play a significant role in the maintenance and health of your reef aquarium tanks.

Reef Amphipod

Beneficial Invertebrates

Among the myriad marine invertebrates available, Zooplankton Marine Amphipods stand out as particularly beneficial for introducing reef aquarium tanks. These small creatures bring many advantages to the ecosystem within your aquarium.

Prodigous Grazers

Provided by Aquatic Live Food, our aquacultured Reef Amphipods are known for their voracious grazing habits. They actively feed on detritus, microalgae, and macroalgae, which is crucial in controlling algae growth within the tank, thereby contributing to its overall cleanliness and balance.

Contributing to a Healthy Aquarium

By consuming detritus and algae, these amphipods help create a cleaner and healthier environment for other marine life in the aquarium. Their presence reduces unwanted algae and detritus accumulation, creating a more aesthetically pleasing and functionally balanced aquatic habitat.

Algae Growth Control and Nutrition Provision

Maintaining Algae Balance

Reef Amphipods aid in controlling the proliferation of algae, preventing it from reaching nuisance levels in your aquarium. By actively grazing, they help maintain a healthy balance, ensuring that algae growth remains manageable and doesn’t disrupt the aquarium environment.

Versatile Benefits

These amphipods are beneficial in the main aquarium tank and the refugium, making them versatile contributors to your aquarium system’s overall health and balance. Their presence is crucial in various sections of the aquarium habitat, providing consistent benefits wherever they are located.

Nutritious Food Source for Marine Life

Ideal for Various Marine Species

Reef Amphipods serve as a nutritious food source for various marine animals. Whether it be Seahorses, Pipefish, Clownfish, or any other small-mouthed reef inhabitants, these amphipods provide the necessary nutrients that these creatures need to thrive.

Diversity and Harmlessness

Over 9000 Species Available

With over 9000 species of amphipods available, around 20% of which are freshwater species, there’s a variety suitable for every aquarium. These freshwater species are also available for those maintaining freshwater aquariums, widening the scope of aquariums that can benefit from these invertebrates.

Harmless Inhabitants

One notable species, Gammarus, was discovered under rocks on the North Queensland shore near Cairns. Like our freshwater varieties, Gammarus is completely harmless to all tank inhabitants. These amphipods coexist peacefully with other creatures in the aquarium, providing benefits without causing harm or disruption.


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