Marine Grass Shrimp

Also known as Glass Shrimp, Ghost Shrimp or Feeder Shrimp, Marine Grass Shrimp are one of the most exciting creatures you can introduce into your aquarium.


Excellent food source

Grass shrimp are a real treat when found by fish in the ocean. They are an excellent source of live protein, vitamins and enzymes for most creatures in a marine aquarium. What’s more? They are a live food source and range between 7mm to 20mm, creating an exciting and natural experience for your fish to prey. No amount of dried food can replace the live nutrients that are found in live food and grass shrimp are a perfect example of that. See your fish flourish when they are fed these critters on a regular basis, or even as a treat!


Clean up crew

Grass shrimp naturally act as a cleaner crew for your tank, eating up all the algae off the glass and rocks. Say goodbye to nuisance algae, food scraps and fish waste. These critters eat them up with ease!



Perfect for holidays or nights away from your aquarium, grass shrimp are an easy way to feed your tank inhabitants while you’re gone. And what’s even better? They will also keep your tank clean while you’re away as they eat up all the algae residue.


Easy acclimation

We culture these creatures in a normal aquarium with a seawater salinity of 1.022- 1.025 so they will not bring pathogens or viruses into your aquarium. The Acclimationprocess is the same as regular fish and corals. These shrimp live and thrive in your tropical marine tanks.


Readily Spawn

Marine Grass Shrimp will readily spawn and multiply in your tank. They will produce baby free-swimming larvae which will flow around in the current, just like zooplankton and provide an additional food source for your fish and corals.


What fish enjoy Marine Grass Shrimp?

Marine Grass shrimp are an excellent feed for many marine fish. These include: Tangs, Lionfish, Frogfish and Anglerfish. Groupers, Jawfish, Cephalopod, Octopus, Cuttlefish, Eels and any fish that eats meat can’t resist a live shrimp meal. We are excited to finally have these shrimp available in large enough quantities. So, we are offering them to the hobbyist for use in their home aquariums and for fish breeding programs. If you have any questions about our Marine Grass Shrimp or any other products, feel free to contact us. You can reach us at or via our website or Facebook page!