Marine Mysid Shrimp

mysis-diluvianaMysid (Opossum) Shrimp

The frozen freshwater Mysis you buy at your local fish store are not a true shrimp though they do closely resemble and are, in fact a primitive relative of the shrimp found in the oceans. There are 58 genus which make up the Mysidae family.

Mysid shrimp are used  primarily for feeding Sea Dragons, Seahorses, Pipefish and for feeding finicky Marine tropical fish like Dragnets, gobies, cuttlefish, Bobtail squid, baby octopi, Cephalopod’s and a host of others.

Mysid shrimp are a great food for seahorses, cow fish, pipe fish in fact many marine fish. Mysid will make a great addition to your coral reef salt water aquarium. These salt water mysid shrimp grow up to 9mm long. Common names for them are Possum shrimp or sometimes called mysid. They carry their babies in a brood pouch until they are a perfectly formed replica of the parent. Then the female releases them. We are providing these mysid shrimp cultures as a feed item, and also for seeding established marine tanks and refugium.

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Mysis are difficult to culture due to their cannibalistic behavior of picking off weaker individuals. It is normal to have up to 20% mortality rate when you receive your order. We add an extra 25% to cover the dead or eaten ones.

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