New Year’s Resolutions for your Aquarium

With the new year approaching very soon, many people may be wondering about what New Year’s Resolutions are worth considering. At Aquatic Live Food, we think the aquaria hobby can be an important part of a hobbyist’s life. So, we have put together a list of the New Year’s Resolutions for your Aquarium hobby!

Nourish your Aquaria

First and foremost, the most important New Year’s Resolutions for your tank is to feed your fish and coral live food! The difference between dry food and live food is immense. You can also research to find out the best type of live food for your fish/coral but the rule of thumb we use at Aquatic Live Food is – variety is best! Feed your fish/coral a mixture of all zooplankton and watch them thrive.

 Get More Involved

We all intend to be more involved in the things we love, and our aquariums are no exception. If your aquarium is thriving, it’s likely that your mindset is clearer and more positive too. In fact, there are actually many health benefits of having a home aquarium, so the more invested you are in your hobby, the more it will pay off in your personal life too! There are many ways you can be more involved in with your home aquarium including; culturing your own live food with our Home Culture System. You can also culture your own phytoplankton (algae) with our Algae Starter Kits.

Learn More About Your Aquaria

If you have a fish or coral, you’re passionate about, it’s likely you know a thing or two about them. However, the best thing about aquaria is that there is always more to learn every day. A great New Year’s resolution you can make to yourself is to continue learning more about your aquaria throughout the year. You’ll find that this habit will not only make your more knowledgeable and skilful in your hobby, but it will also actually enhance your enjoyment of the hobby. There are a few ways you can learn more about aquaria:

  • Read our blogs: Stay updated on the Aquatic Live Food Blog – articles are posted fortnightly and we send out updates on both social media and in our e-newsletters!
  • Watch our YouTube Videos: If you’re a more visual person and prefer to watch our videos, this is perfect for you! We have two types of videos on our channel – demonstration videos where you can learn how to use our products and also simple videos where we discuss an aquaria topic.
  • Sign up to our e-newsletter: Last but not least, ensure you are signed up to our e-newsletter: you can do this via Facebook or our website and this will allow you to receive updates and offers once a month. We also include our blogs, YouTube videos.