Thank You

For taking the time to look for quality live foods for your aquarium inhabitants, Our live products have been grown in an environmentally sustainable larviculture facility.

We know that our quality goods are not dirt cheap; however, our aim is to supply you with the live feeds for both freshwater and marine ornamental aquarium fish. By doing this we aim to support aquarium fish breeders, to minimise the need for wild-caught ornamental critters like fish, shrimp, jellyfish, corals, sponges, filter feeders and fry etc. This should also apply to commercially collected critters like the fin-fish, crayfish, shellfish etc.

We believe that the ornamental fish (Aquarium) industry should be able to culture all the things we, as aquarium lovers like to have and show others. These wonderful, interesting and strange critters can and do survive and thrive in properly set up aquariums. With proper research into your desired inhabitant, you can ensure you have all it needs to thrive and breed.

marine water

All of us at Aquatic Live Food really hope your fish enjoy our live goods.

DOA* If the email of the dead goods is not sent within 2 hours of delivery we reserve the right to not resend or refund. Our live zooplankton cannot make changes to the living conditions unlike a dog or cat that can move to a cooler position. So if you or someone is not there to receive the live goods and they sit in the outdoors etc. we may refuse to replace or refund.