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Marine Amphipods

Marine Amphipods

Marine amphipods are tiny crustaceans that play a pivotal role in sustaining the balance and vitality of marine ecosystems. Serving as an essential dietary element for many marine species, these amphipods not only invigorate natural hunting behaviours but also contribute significantly to tank cleanliness.

Our curated range of marine amphipods offers:

  • Essential Nutrients: Loaded with essential fats, amino acids, and proteins, they provide a balanced diet to corals, fish, and other invertebrates.
  • Natural Cleaners: These scavengers help break down detritus, aiding the tank’s natural cleaning process.
  • Ecosystem Enhancers: Introducing amphipods increases the biodiversity of your tank, ensuring a more robust and resilient marine ecosystem.


  1. Why should I introduce marine amphipods to my tank?
    • Besides being a nutritious food source, amphipods play an active role in tank cleaning and contribute to a balanced and vibrant marine ecosystem.
  2. How do marine amphipods fit into the food chain?
    • They serve as a primary food source for various marine species, fostering natural hunting and feeding behaviours.
  3. Do marine amphipods require specific tank conditions?
    • While amphipods are hardy, it’s essential to ensure your tank conditions mimic their natural habitat for them to thrive.
  4. Are amphipods suitable for every marine tank?
    • While marine amphipods are generally beneficial, always consider the specific needs and inhabitants of your tank before introducing them.

Dive deep into the world of amphipods and offer your marine life a nutritious and diversified diet while enhancing your tank’s overall health and vibrancy!

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