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Marine Isopods are a fascinating addition to any marine aquarium. These small crustaceans play a dual role: they act as natural janitors, helping to keep your tank clean and serving as a nutritious food source for many marine species.

Isopods thrive in marine environments, from shallow coastal areas to the deep sea, making them a versatile choice for different tank setups. Their scavenging nature ensures they’ll consume detritus, uneaten food, and even algae, aiding in maintaining a balanced ecosystem.

For hobbyists focusing on creating a natural environment for their marine creatures, isopods are an excellent choice. They not only offer a glimpse into the intricate food webs of our oceans but also provide an essential dietary component for many fish and invertebrates.

Our range of Marine Isopods is carefully selected to ensure they’re of the highest quality, guaranteeing they’ll thrive in your tank and contribute positively to its ecosystem.


  1. Can Marine Isopods harm my fish?
    • Generally, Marine Isopods are safe and won’t harm healthy fish. However, they may target weak or sickly fish.
  2. How do I introduce Marine Isopods to my tank?
    • Acclimate them slowly, introducing them to your tank’s water conditions over several hours.
  3. Do I need to feed my Marine Isopods?
    • Typically, isopods will feed on detritus and uneaten food in your tank. If your tank is exceptionally clean, consider offering them small amounts of organic matter.”

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