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Micro Magic

Micro Magic

Introducing ‘Micro Magic,’ a revolution in marine micro-foods designed to enrich and elevate the health of your marine inhabitants. These formulations are specially crafted to serve as a comprehensive diet, ensuring your marine species thrive in their aquatic environment.

Our range of Micro Magic includes varying species subscriptions and mixes, curated to provide a balanced diet. The Marine MicroMagic 7 Species Subscription and 5 Species Subscription are monthly programs delivering consistent, high-quality nourishment to your marine species. For those seeking a specialized mix, our Marine MicroMagic 7 Species Supreme Mix and Marine Phytoplankton MicroMagic 5 Species offer a robust combination of essential nutrients.

But that’s not all. Our Micro Magic Rotifood 4x is an enriched food source designed to provide higher survival rates, greater yields, and enhanced nutritive value to your marine species. Every product under ‘Micro Magic’ is a testament to our commitment to delivering the best in marine nutrition.


  1. What makes Micro Magic different from other marine foods?
    • Micro Magic is a comprehensive and enriched diet ensuring higher survival rates and nutritive values for marine species.
  2. Are the subscriptions auto-renewed monthly?
    • Yes, our species subscriptions offer consistent monthly deliveries for uninterrupted nourishment.
  3. Can I mix different Micro Magic products?
    • Absolutely! Mixing can offer a broader spectrum of nutrients, but always monitor your marine species for any dietary preferences or changes.

Dive into the magic of micro-foods with our Micro Magic range and witness a thriving marine environment.

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