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Research & Plankton Nets

Research & Plankton Nets

Our Research & Plankton Nets are meticulously designed in-house to meet the rigorous demands of biological, limnological, research, and oceanographic studies. Crafted not only for the scientific community but also for diverse aquaculture applications, these nets are the go-to choice for plankton sampling and larval collection. Each net in our lineup has a durable stainless steel mouth ring and towing bridle for stability and precision in open-water towing. The removable cod end allows for easy collection and analysis of samples.

With their versatility, these nets serve various purposes, from environmental monitoring to aiding in the sustainable culture of various aquatic species. By offering a high degree of customization, we ensure that our nets can be tailored to the specific needs of researchers and aquaculturists. Whether you’re embarking on a detailed scientific study, managing a hatchery, or educating future marine biologists, our nets provide the reliability and precision necessary for accurate data collection and effective specimen retrieval.

Embrace the quality and expertise behind our Research & Plankton Nets and advance your aquatic endeavors with tools designed for excellence.

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