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Plankton Net 50cm

Plankton Net 50cm

Plankton Net 50cm can be used to collect your own zooplankton live saltwater fish food for your tank.

What is a plankton net?

Also called:
Copepod Net
Plankton Collection Net
Plankton Tow
Zooplankton Net

Used for catching zooplankton.

Our nets will catch any organism in the microscopic to slightly larger than microscopic size.

Each time you use this net you will feel like your experiencing a new adventure when you observe the variety of small animals that inhabit the plankton zones in the oceans and waterways of our world.

Some of the animals you will encounter are fry and larvae (newborns) of seahorses, Clams, Oysters, copepods of all types.

All kinds of fish fry, squid fry, and a multitude of other animals that inhabit the planktonic zones in the ocean as part of their life cycle.

Can be towed through the water or placed in a place that has water current.

Food for fish, corals, anemone, squid, anthias, mandarin, and much more tropical fish.

Also great for study, educational exploration.

Can be used both in Marine saltwater or freshwater application.

Great for collecting zooplankton for teaching, for study, or for feeding home aquarium reef tanks.


Micron mesh fabric.

30cm diameter mouth opening x 1500mm length.

Stainless Steel marine-grade swivel attached to harness, to prevent the tow line from getting twisted.

Solid Stainless Steel Mouth Ring.

Brass Grommets

Triple Sewn with reinforced rings.

Fluorocarbon cable harness.

Screened micron mesh flow through cod-end means you get 10 times more harvest of plankton copepods from ANF Copepod nets compared to other brands.

Nitex Micron Cloth netting Material: Holds up to rigorous outdoor use, UV, salt water, and cleaning solvents.

Net can be cleaned with a bleach solution after use.

PVC Cod End (10cm X 15cm)

Easy to harvest copepods by unscrewing threaded fitting. The cod end has the same micron size mesh as a net. For the concentration of plankton and max water flow through. This micron mesh on the bottom of the cog end prevents backflow pressure created when the net is towed. Backflow pressure prevents 90% of the plankton from staying in the net while the net is moving through water.

Our plankton copepod net is made with a flow-through cod end, unlike other brands that are not made with micron mesh on the cod end.

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