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Water Treatments

Water Treatments

Our Natural Aquarium Water Treatments include Liquid Tannin Extract, sustainably sourced Australian Grown Oak Tree Leaves, and Grade A+ Premium Indian Almond Leaves. These products are used for their ability to simulate the native conditions of many freshwater species, promoting stress reduction and enhancing the vibrancy of their colours.

Liquid Tannin Extract, with its concentrated beneficial properties, can help to lower pH naturally, creating an ideal environment for species such as tetras and discus. Oak Tree Leaves are a fantastic choice for those looking to encourage the breeding behaviour of shrimp and other invertebrates. Meanwhile, Indian Almond Leaves are renowned for their healing properties, releasing beneficial compounds that can help prevent fungal infections and repair damaged fins.

Incorporating these elements into your water treatment regimen brings you closer to an ecosystem that thrives on balance and natural living conditions. These treatments benefit the inhabitants of your aquarium and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your setup, creating a serene and visually appealing habitat.

By choosing our Water Treatments, you are embracing a philosophy that aligns closely with the cycles of nature. These products support a closed-loop ecosystem where every element works harmoniously to maintain the delicate balance required for a flourishing aquatic environment. Engage with our Water Treatments and witness the transformation of your aquarium into a haven for healthy, happy fish and invertebrates.

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