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Welcome to our diverse selection of live worms, where we offer an abundance of nutritional options for both marine and freshwater aquatic environments. Whether you want to culture your feed or enhance your aquarium, our variety of worms provides ample choices for all aquarists.

Our assortment includes the petite Banana Worms and the prolific Microworms (Panagrellus redivivus), which are fantastic for feeding fry and small fish. For those with more specific needs, our Live Blackworms encourage natural hunting instincts, while the Turbatrix Aceti, also known as vinegar eels, serves as an excellent alternative for tiny residents of your tank.


  1. Can I use these worms for both marine and freshwater aquariums?
    • Yes, our selection includes options suitable for both marine and freshwater settings, catering to a wide range of aquatic species.
  2. How do I transition between culturing and adding the worms to my aquarium?
    • Ensure the worms are rinsed thoroughly and acclimated properly before introducing them to your aquarium to prevent potential water quality issues.
  3. What benefits do live worms provide over frozen or dried options?
    • Live worms offer enhanced nutritional value and stimulate natural hunting and foraging behaviours in fish, contributing to their overall well-being.
  4. Is it difficult to culture live worms at home?
    • With the right conditions and a little patience, culturing live worms at home can be a straightforward and rewarding process.

Dive into our Worms category, enriched with options for both marine and freshwater enthusiasts, and discover the perfect live feed to promote the health and happiness of your aquatic pets!

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