Daphnia Hatching Kit


Daphnia Hatching Kits for adults: Dive into the world of sea cultivation with Aquatic Live Food’s comprehensive kit. Hatch and raise Daphnia seamlessly at home. Perfect as freshwater fish feed or as delightful aquatic pets.


Daphnia Hatching Kit for adults: Brought to you by Aquatic Live Food, this all-inclusive kit lets you cultivate sea creatures in the comfort of your home. Witness their lifecycle, from hatching to growth. Ideal as a food source for freshwater fish or as intriguing aquatic pets.



The Daphnia Hatching Kit comes with the following:

  • Container – used to hatch the Daphnia eggs
  • Small Net
  • A print-out colouring in page
  • Daphnia Egg Capsule
  • Indian Almond Leaves or Tannin
  • Airline Fitting
  • E-book – Downloadable after purchase
  • NOW INCLUDES Air Pump – valued at $36! This helps your Daphnia hatch faster – Disclaimer – use with caution as the Daphnia shells are tight and sometimes air bubbles can get caught inside them


The E-book includes everything you need to hatch your Daphnia eggs including:

  • Easy-to-follow Instructions
  • Fun Facts
  • Answers to questions you may have
  • A complete guide on what to do after your Daphnia eggs are hatched including; feeding, storage, and environmental conditions
  • Lot’s more info on products and further resources to help you learn about Daphnia and other live foods!


This product ALSO comes with a  Youtube Video Demonstration, to follow and learn to hatch Daphnia Eggs. You can view the Youtube video here!


Some products to consider purchasing along with your kit are:

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 120 × 100 × 100 mm

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