Algae Culture Nutrients f/2 Plus Vitamins for Marine


Algae Culture Nutrients: Formulated to produce 50 litres of nutrient-rich water, this product promotes robust algae growth while maintaining optimal nitrogen levels for a high-protein yield. It’s enriched with essential vitamins and trace elements vital for phytoplankton health. Includes nitrate, phosphate, iron, and vital vitamins like B12.


Algae Culture Nutrients
Algae Culture Nutrients

Algae Culture Nutrients

This product (Guilards F/2 Formula) is added to sterilised seawater. At a ratio of one ml to one litre of sterilised seawater.

This product is used for growing your microalgae and with it you will have excellent rates of growth. If you also add CO2 (Carbon dioxide) to your culture it will grow exceptionally well.

Furthermore, this product is complete with the vitamins that are necessary for phytoplankton to grow. This will assist in the overall health of your culture.


Contains nitrate, phosphate, iron, citrate (chelator), trace elements (Co, Cu, MoO4, Zn, Mn), and essential vitamins (Thiamine-HCl, Biotin & B12).


  • Add 1 ml of Algae Culture Nutrients per litre of sterilized salt water.
  • If you have an alga that contains diatoms then you will need to add SODIUM METASILICATE Pentahydrate to the f/2 culture media.


Storage/Dosage Information
How long do culture nutrients last:
If frozen at -20, it will last 12 months. If kept in the fridge for up to 6 months. Contamination is the most significant concern. Wear gloves and spray gloves with 70% isopropyl alcohol before touching the nutrients.
How to store: Frozen at -20 or fridge depends on how often they are being opened.
How often and how much phytoplankton do you use in a tank 250 L: Micro magic will be 25ml per 200L. There are many variables to answer this question, including what is in the tank and sump, the number and types of aquaria in the system, the density of phyto etc.


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