Amphipod Scrubbers 5 Pack


Combat and prevent green hair algae in your aquarium with ALF’s Amphipods Scrubber Pack. Harness the natural power of amphipods to maintain a clean, vibrant marine environment. Perfect for small or nano tanks!

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Amphipod Scrubber Pack

Algae build-up is a recurrent issue for marine tank enthusiasts, particularly the pesky hair and general algae. It not only diminishes the aesthetic appeal but can also compromise the health of the ecosystem inside. To address this widespread concern, ALF presents a groundbreaking solution: The Amphipod Scrubber Pack.

What’s Inside the Amphipod Scrubber Pack?

Each Scrubber Pack comprises 5 specially-selected amphipods, known for their voracious appetite for hair and general algae. These aren’t your regular detritus-eating marine amphipods; they’re a unique species that has a preference for the most common nuisance algae in marine tanks. Their preference for living hair and general green algae make them an excellent choice to add to your clean-up crew.

Efficacy and Value

For those with smaller or nano tanks, ranging from 30-40L, 5 amphipods are the optimal number to kickstart the cleansing process. What’s even more exciting? These 5 will soon multiply in a matter of weeks, ensuring not just a one-time clean but an ongoing maintenance crew for your tank.

Why Choose the Amphipod Scrubber Pack?

  1. Natural Solution: Instead of opting for chemicals or manual cleaning, let nature do its job. The amphipods present a completely natural method of algae removal.
  2. Efficient Breeding: Begin with 5, and soon you’ll have a thriving community working tirelessly to keep your tank pristine.
  3. Optimal for Small Tanks: Specifically designed for small to nano tanks, ensuring that owners of tanks of all sizes can benefit.

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