Aussie Fairy Shrimp Eggs

Aussie Fairy Shrimp Eggs

Elevate your aquarium with Aussie Fairy Shrimp Eggs. Each capsule holds approximately 500 eggs, perfect for easy care and continuous breeding. These fascinating, nutrient-rich creatures reach up to 3cm in length, offering an engaging live food source for your freshwater tank. Limited stock available!



Fairy Shrimp Eggs
Fairy Shrimp Eggs

Aussie Fairy Shrimp Eggs: 1 capsule of fresh eggs.  1 capsule = 500 eggs approx.

Aussie Fairy Shrimp are easy to look after, we will supply you with instructions, they live 8-12 months and will breed continuously. Therefore, this is an excellent freshwater culture, a nutritious healthy interesting live food. And can grow up to 3cm long. Limited numbers are available! Furthermore, if you feed them our Freshwater MicroMagic 4 species live algae they really love it.

Fairy Shrimp is one of the Branchinella family. They are almost double every day in size the first 5 days after hatching and reach 7mm-9mm, and female shrimp start reproducing on the 6th day and keep producing eggs in their life span up to 10 weeks.

Why Fairy Shrimp will be good for your fish.

  • High protein. The fairy shrimp have protein of up to 65%. That helps your fish to grow very fast.
  • High Carbohydrate. The fairy shrimp have a carbohydrate higher than other types of food. That means your fish will receive high energy, tough and resistant.
  • They contain high amounts of highly unsaturated fatty acids (HUFA), meaning the fairy shrimp are nutritious and healthy for your fish.
  • Fairy shrimp have Beta Carotene that helps to increase colour in your fish.

Download Culturing Instructions

Some interesting facts about Fairy Shrimp species:

  • B. thailandensis, normally hatches within three days, while the other two hatch in four days.
  • D. brasiliensis fairy shrimp are found from northern Argentina to northeaster Brazil.
  • B. sirindhomas had the larger size (male 26.2, female 27.8 mm) and the highest hatch-ability rate at 87.67%
  • Branchinella showed more rapid growth than the other two species, and it reached maturity within 6.5 days.
  • Life span is equal for both males and females for all three fairy shrimp species
  • Worldwide there are some 300 species found scattered across all seven continents, with 64 known in North America.

Since there is always a risk that a dry spring would not fill a pool long enough for fairy shrimp to complete their reproductive cycle, they have evolved a unique bet-hedging strategy to avoid extirpation. In any given year, only a portion of the previous year’s cysts will hatch, resulting in a “bank” of dormant eggs that can last for decades, possibly even centuries!

One study of vernal pool sediments reported 1,000 cysts per square foot, of which only 3% hatched during any given flooding event. Such bet-hedging ensures that it would take a long series of false starts and unfavorable conditions to empty the cyst bank that rests below the leaf litter.


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Above all, our mission is to supply Australian aquariums with sustainable land farmed premium aquaria. This aims to stop the removal and destruction of coral reefs for the wild-caught aquaria*.

We are now able to provide continuous high-quality production of popular live foods.

Aquarists of all skill levels can now have a real chance at breeding their own favourite Pipefish, Cowfish, Mandarin fish, Shrimp and more. Being able to provide essential live food that’s required for newborn and juvenile Aquaria.

Finally, Fairy Shrimp Eggs is only one of the many products we are proud to offer at Aquatic Live Food. Check out our website for many more exciting products in store!









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