Australian Fairy (Brine) Shrimp




Real Australian Fairy Brine Shrimp. These shrimp are much larger than the common American variety, Having a much larger body they hold way more nutrients providing your aquaria with a real feed not just exercise chasing them. In summary, your fish will be happy having such a hearty meal.


Descriptive Features:

  • Soft, delicate, variable colour.
  • Clearly defined head, thorax and abdomen.
  • No carapace.
  • Prominent stalked eyes.
  • 11 pairs of leaf-like appendages, 1 pair per thoracic segment.
  • Legs with 1 pre-epipodite.


Total length: small to moderately large, 10 – 50 mm

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Ecology: Instream habitat: Fairy Brine shrimp occur in temporary freshwater including, pools, ditches, rock holes, and ponds.
Feeding ecology: They are planktonic filter feeders. This means they use a groove between the bases of their legs to filter microscopic organisms from the water.

Habit: Fairy Brine Shrimp swim with their ventral surface uppermost.
Life history: Males use the enlarged antennae to grasp females during copulation. Eggs are resistant to desiccation and are activated by the presence of water. Branchinella can develop from resting eggs to a dense population quickly after inundation. Nuisance blooms can occur.


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