CO2 Diffuser Glass Spiral


Boost your aquarium’s health with our CO2 Diffuser Glass Spiral. It efficiently adds CO2, fostering plant growth and preventing algae. Its elegant design also enhances tank aesthetics. Comes with easy-installation accessories.

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CO2 Diffuser Glass Spiral with Diffuser-Box: The Ultimate Aquarium Accessory

Elevate your aquatic environment with our CO2 Diffuser Glass Spiral – an indispensable tool for those aspiring for a flourishing planted aquarium. Designed to perfection, our spiral diffuser marries function and form to provide an unparalleled aquarium experience.

Key Features:

  • High-Efficiency CO2 Diffusion: Crafted from superior-quality glass, our spiral diffuser ensures optimal carbon dioxide dissolution into the water. Its unique spiral shape provides an extended path for CO2, maximizing surface area and ensuring that your plants receive the right concentration of CO2, promoting vigorous growth while curbing algae formation.
  • Even CO2 Distribution: This diffuser doesn’t just work; it works wonders. It generates fine bubbles that distribute CO2 uniformly across the aquarium, ensuring every plant benefits from an even nutrient distribution.
  • Elegance Meets Function: Beyond its impressive functionality, it boasts a sleek, transparent design. It lets you monitor CO2 levels effortlessly and enhances your tank’s overall aesthetics, making it a conversation piece.
  • Comprehensive Set: To simplify your journey, our CO2 diffuser comes in a set that includes a diffuser box packed with a suction cup, check valve, and a U-shaped connector. This ensures a seamless installation process, even for beginners.
  • Perfect Fit: With dimensions of 8.5 cm in length, 3 cm in width, and a cup diameter of 2 cm, our diffuser is ideal for aquariums of all sizes.

Why Choose Our CO2 Diffuser?

  1. Maximized Plant Health: The enhanced CO2 diffusion promotes lush plant growth and combats algae, ensuring a vibrant, healthier aquarium.
  2. Uniform Nutrient Dispersal: The bubbles ensure all your plants thrive with an even distribution of nutrients.
  3. Chic Design: Aesthetically pleasing, it adds a touch of sophistication to your aquarium setup, making it as beautiful as it is functional.

Experience your aquatic world’s union of beauty, health, and vitality. Order our CO2 Diffuser Glass Spiral today and let your aquarium thrive like never before.


Package Including:
+1pc 3 Spiral Glass Aquarium CO2 Diffuser
+1pc Suction Cup
+1pc Check Valve
+1pc U Shaped ConnectorMaterial: Glass
Colour: Transparent
Size (L*W): 8.5*3 cm
Cup Diameter: 2 cm
Diffuser Before using the diffuser for the first time, soak it for one hour to prevent product rupture due to sudden temperature changes. This product is made of glass, so please handle it carefully when receiving and installing to avoid scratches.




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