Copepoda Red Calamoecia Salina

Copepoda Red Calamoecia Salina

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These live Copepods are an excellent food source for your seahorses, seadragons, pipefish, longhorn cowfish, boxfish etc. As you well know live foods provide your tank inhabitants with good nutrition as well as providing them with plenty of exercise chasing down the live food. Coming from Aquatic Live Food you know these aquacultured Copepods have been feed the best quality foods available so the copepods stomach will also be full of quality feed increasing the nutritional value to your tank inhabitants.

The 125ml bottle should* provide 2-3 days of food for your tank.

Should* is based on 5 seahorse feeds.



Red Copepod Calamoecia Salina.

Our special Australian desert copepods are much larger then any other copepod for sale on the Australian market. As they have no predators they are much slower than regular copepods. These copepods can be found on the surface mid-water and lazing on the bottom. They will survive at least 7 days in the fridge and once acclimated again they are ready to use. All these red copepodsĀ need is a little live algaeĀ to keep their size. They are full of HUFA (highly unsaturated fatty acids), which is just what your aquaria need. Seahorse’s, pipefish, pygmy squid and sea moths love Australian desert copepods!

If you are living in Tasmania and want to purchase Copepods, Rotifers, Amphipods and Daphnia you will need to complete a Tasmanian Government interstate wildlife import permit.

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3 reviews for Copepoda Red Calamoecia Salina

  1. Ben

    Very good – I would buy again / recommend.
    My order arrived promptly, was well packaged and the bottle was full of pods (they are larger and redder than I expected!)
    My Chromis (which eat almost anything) devoured them with gusto, but I have no comment how they go with fussy eaters.
    Happy reefing!

  2. Andrew Hill

    Red Copepods are the way to go, my seahorses really loved them as did the pipefish this is the 4th time I have bought them and always fast delivery and always alive. Wish the aquarium shop had them so more people could try them for their fish.

  3. Brian Maitland

    These Red copepods make for an excellent feed for my tank inhabitants. They are so RED and stand out and they are quite slow moving, my Mandarin got stuck right into them as did the pipefish. I was a good suggestion to put them in when the lights were out, as they are not afraid of any fish they just get eaten. I will be defiantly be buying these more often for my fish. Thanks B.

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