Fairy Shrimp Hatching Kit


Fairy Shrimp Hatching Kits for Kids & Adults: Dive into the world of cultivation with Aquatic Live Food’s comprehensive kit. Hatch and raise Fairy Shrimp seamlessly at home. Perfect as freshwater fish feed or as delightful aquatic pets.


Fairy Shrimp Hatching Kit – Your All-in-One Aquatic Adventure

Dive into the fascinating world of Fairy Shrimp with our comprehensive Hatching Kit, designed to offer everything you need for a successful hatch and beyond. Perfect for hobbyists and educational projects alike, this kit brings the wonder of aquatic life right into your home or classroom.

What’s Included:

  • Hatching Container: A specialized container to provide the perfect environment for hatching Fairy Shrimp eggs.
  • Fine-Mesh Net: To safely and easily collect your hatched Fairy Shrimp.
  • Efficient Air Pump: For essential water aeration, ensuring your Fairy Shrimp have ample oxygen.
  • USB Heating Mat: Comes with a convenient USB cord and an Australian plug, maintaining optimal temperatures between 25°C-30°C for species that thrive in warmth.
  • Thermometer Sticker: Simply attach it to your container to continuously monitor the water temperature.
  • Fairy Shrimp Egg Capsule: High-quality eggs ready to hatch into vibrant Fairy Shrimp.
  • Natural Indian Almond Leaves/Tannin: To condition the water, replicating the Fairy Shrimp’s natural environment.
  • Airline Fittings: All necessary connectors for your air pump setup.
  • Exclusive E-book: A downloadable guide filled with insightful information, tips, and tricks for hatching and caring for your Fairy Shrimp.


The E-book includes everything you need to hatch your Fairy shrimp eggs:

With your purchase, you’ll gain access to an extensive E-book that serves as your step-by-step manual for hatching Fairy Shrimp. It includes:

  • Clear Instructions: Detailed, easy-to-follow steps to ensure a successful hatch.
  • Engaging Fairy Shrimp Facts: Delightful trivia to deepen your understanding of these creatures.
  • Helpful Q&A: Answers to common questions to assist you throughout the process.
  • Post-Hatch Care Guide: Expert advice on feeding, maintaining, and creating the ideal conditions for your Fairy Shrimp.
  • Additional Resources: Further reading and product recommendations to enhance your experience with Fairy Shrimp and other live foods.

Start Your Journey Today!

Whether you’re a seasoned aquarist or new to the hobby, our Fairy Shrimp Hatching Kit is your ticket to exploring the enchanting world of these unique creatures. With our kit, you’ll witness the miracle of life and gain invaluable knowledge and experience in aquatic care. Order now and hatch a world of discovery!

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T. branchinella, B. sirindhomas, D. brasiliensis, B. thailandensis