Freshwater Copepods


Highly nutritious freshwater copepods, ideal for young fish and omnivorous species. A top choice in aquatic live food. Available in 250ml, 500ml, and 1L sizes.



Freshwater Copepods are one of the most popular products of aquatic live food. This is because they are easy to feed to a variety of fish and are a highly nutritious species. Juvenile copepods are a major part of the diet of young fish. Free-living copepods are omnivorous. They feed on phytoplankton as well as other smaller plankton.


Benefits of Freshwater Copepods:

  • Our Freshwater copepods are tank grown and harvested
  • Zero chance of fish transmitted viruses, bacteria, or fungal infections
  • These copepods have been multiplying for years
  • High HUFA
  • Extremely Nutritious feed for your fish & aquaria
  • They will clean up your tank as they consume detritus, bacteria, and algae.


Why add Copepods to your Aquarium?

Our live aquarium copepods, both marine and freshwater, are popular among professional aquarists, breeders, and hobbyists alike attempting to keep difficult species such as the mandarin dragonet, scooter blenny, clownfish fry, dotty backs, bettas, and many others.

They are also popular with hobbyists who want to breed marine and freshwater species in captivity. This was our aim from the beginning, to allow the fish keepers to breed the fish they like and sell to other interested people without destroying the natural habitat of these colourful and interesting aquariums.

Care and culturing instructions:

More About Aquatic Live Food…

Above all, our mission is to supply Australian aquariums with sustainable land-farmed premium aquaria. This aims to stop the removal and destruction of coral reefs for the wild-caught aquaria*.

Therefore, we can provide continuous, high-quality production of popular live foods.

Aquarists of all skill levels can now have a chance at breeding their favourite Pipefish, Cowfish, Mandarin fish, Shrimp and more. Being able to provide essential live food that’s required for newborn and juvenile Aquaria.

Finally, our Freshwater Copepods species is only one of the many products we are proud to offer at Aquatic Live Food. Check out our website for many more exciting products in store!



Additional information

Weight .500 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 mm

250ml, 500ml, 1L