Light for Phyto Reactor


Boost your microalgae growth with our Phyto Reactor Light. Designed for optimal wavelengths, it’s perfect for nurturing copepods, coral, and other marine invertebrates.

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Light for Phyto Reactor

Elevate the growth and production of your microalgae cultures with our state-of-the-art Light for Phyto Reactor. Specially designed to optimize phytoplankton growth, this light ensures that your cultures receive the specific light wavelengths they require to flourish.

Key Features:

  • Optimal Wavelengths: The light delivers the exact wavelengths that microalgae need, making it simpler and more efficient to cultivate robust phytoplankton cultures.
  • Increased Photoperiod: By extending the photoperiod, you can enhance the cell density of your cultures, leading to richer, denser microalgae production.
  • Diverse Feeding Potential: Once cultivated, the resulting phytoplankton can be a direct food source for various filter-feeding invertebrates. Whether it’s copepods, amphipods, brine shrimp, clams, tubeworms, coral, or many others, this enriched food source can significantly benefit the health and vitality of your marine organisms.

What’s Included:

Light & Flask in Use: When combined, the acrylic tube and LED light strip provide an efficient and effective system for phytoplankton cultivation. The transparent design of the flask ensures that light permeates throughout, allowing for even growth. Additionally, the full-spectrum light ensures that the phytoplankton receives all the light frequencies it needs.

Invest in the future of your marine ecosystem. With the Light for Phyto Reactor, you’re not just purchasing a product but ensuring a sustainable and enriched food source for your marine invertebrates. Experience the difference in your marine life’s growth, vitality, and overall health today!


Light & Flask in Use:

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