Live Blackworms


** Due to the sensitive nature of Blackworms you need to be within Auspost’s 2-day delivery area of Victoria. Please check auspost’s Delivery time link **. If ordering outside ausposts advertised 2 day delivery time we are unable to refund. Auspost’s insurance will not cover perishable goods.

We sell our Blackworms in a packing serve of 50 grams (50ml). They are in a container without water. We do not pre-pack the worms each order is packed as it is done. This is to enable you to receive your worms in their best condition.


We sell our Live Blackworms in a packing serve of 50 grams. They are in a container without water. To keep the worms in the best condition, we pack them as orders are placed to enable you to receive your worms in their best condition.

As we find pre-packing like some stores you may get worms that have sat in containers or bags for days the worms may deteriorate if left for more than a few hours on a warm shop counter.

We ship our worms fresh and with ice to keep them cool and fresh when you receive them after preparing them to store in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

On arrival

You should empty the container they arrive in into a container/ bucket of cool, aged water and swirl thoroughly by hand. Live Blackworms will settle and regroup within a minute or so. Do not leave worms in the rinse bucket for more than a few minutes. Check for leeches or other unwanted items before placing into your tank.

Then pour the water out slowly, being careful not to pour out worms, through a fine, plastic sleeve.


Do not add all the Live Blackworms to your tank at once. They are best fed a few at a time via a plastic Tubifex feeder. The balance can be kept in a container half-filled with water in a refrigerator. (Remember to label them)

Important hint

The condition of the water must be checked regularly for cloudiness. If it has discoloured or has become even slightly cloudy, change it again with water of the correct quality parameters (temperature, pH etc). Under these conditions, the worms will keep for several weeks.

Before receiving your shipment

  • Fill two or three 1.25l containers with aged water. Kept cool in the fridge before ordering live worms.
  • Have on hand sufficient aged water to do at least one complete water change per container. NOTE: In some areas, the Live  Blackworms will survive well in straight tap water. As a general rule, if your fish won’t survive in the water, neither will the worms.

Instructions for Culturing Blackworms


More About Aquatic Live Food…

Above all, our mission is to supply Australian aquariums with sustainable land-farmed premium aquaria. This aims to stop the removal and destruction of coral reefs for the wild-caught aquaria*.

Therefore, we can provide continuous, high-quality production of popular live foods.

Aquarists of all skill levels can now have a chance at breeding their favourite Pipefish, Cowfish, Mandarin fish, Shrimp and more. Being able to provide essential live food that’s required for newborn and juvenile Aquaria.

Finally, our Live Blackworms is only one of the many products we are proud to offer at Aquatic Live Food. Check out our website for many more exciting products in store!


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