Marine Algae Culture Starter Kit

Marine Algae Culture Starter Kit

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The Marine Algae Culture Starter Kit is a great way to culture your own algae at home! Great for marine or brackish environment. These algae are suitable for feeding rotifers, copepods, amphipods, fish larvae, bivalves corals, and many others.



The Marine Algae Culture Starter Kit is a great way to culture your algae at home! Perfect for marine or brackish environments to feed all kinds of zooplankton.


Contents of Marine Algae Culture Starter Kit:

  • Culture Flask (50ml)
  • Algae Culture Salts (for marine algae)
  • Culture Nutrients & Vitamins (1.7ml)
  • Algae Culture
  • Culture Instructions
Culture Nutrients: Marine phyto culture nutrients

For cultures with diatoms:  Sodium Metasilicate Solution

Once you have decided to culture algae, you can choose between many strains of phyto in your Marine Algae Culture Starter Kit.

See below some info about each strain:


  • Small, yellow-green and non-motile, cell size 2-4 microns
  • Firstly, Nanno is among the most popular choices in the Marine Algae Culture Starter Kit
  • Sometimes referred to as green water
  • Nanno is an energy-rich food source for fish larvae and rotifers
  • It is used in the production of aquarium feeds, and lipids for biofuels.
  • You can use Nanno in a wide range of salinity environments
  • Finally, Nanno grows fast and is easy to culture


  • This strain is one of the most widely used phytoplankton species in commercial aquaculture due to its high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • These acids play a key role in health, development and resilience of aquatic organisms
  • T-iso is an excellent feed for enriching zooplankton like rotifers, copepods and brine and is equally loved by bivalves.
  • Finally, it is medium to fast-growing and is relatively easy to culture.



  • Green alga with four flagella; cell size 6-14 microns
  • This strain provides nutritional feed for your marine life
  • Tetra has a rich and varied amino/ fatty acid profile
  • Finally, recent studies have shown that Tetra possesses significant antimicrobial properties and can help control pathogenic bacteria in your tank.


Pavlova lutheri

  • Also known as Diacronema lutheri
  • This strain is a golden-brown Biflagellate with a cell size of 4-6 microns
  • Pav is another popular choice of algae strain
  • This microalgal species is characterized by a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially EPA and DHA


Chaetoceros muelleri

  • Chaeto is a brown centric diatom; Cell is 3-20 microns in length
  • Furthermore, with its fast growth and excellent nutritional profile, it is an essential feed for various shellfish
  • Like other diatoms, C. muelleri consumes silicates, restricting the growth of harmful algae and bacteria
  • Chaeto can also reduce the cycle time of your tank
  • Finally, Chaeto is characterized by fast growth and is easy to culture


Dunaliella tertiolecta

  • Biflagellated green alga; 5-18 microns in length
  • Dunaliella thrives in high salinity and is popular for beta-carotene production
  • This strain can turn pink under certain environmental conditions (high salinity and light).
  • Finally, D. tertiolecta is considered the best feed for breeding artemia (brine shrimp), showing superior growth and survival rate


Phaeodactylum tricornutum

  • Phaeo is a yellow-brown pennate diatom, cell length up to 35 microns
  • This strain is rich in carbohydrates and carotenoid fucoxanthin
  • Like other diatoms, Phaeo consumes silicates, restricting the growth of harmful algae and bacteria and reducing the cycle time of your tank
  • Furthermore, PHAEO special is its ability to build a silica-free frustule, which means it can survive and keep consuming excess nutrients even in a silica-limited or -depleted tank
  • In addition, PHAEO can tolerate iron deficiency which is common in reef aquariums


Porphyridium cruentum

  • red microalga, cell size 5-210 microns
  • Furthermore, it is a potential source for several products like fatty acids, lipids, cell-wall polysaccharides and pigments.


Finally, you can read more about Live Algae Culture Strain Information here.

Additional information

Weight .250 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 mm

Nannochloropsis, Tisochrysis, Pavlova, Dunaliella, Tetraselmis, Chaetoceros, Porphyridium, Phaeodactylum


5ml, 50ml, 100ml

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  1. Renee (verified owner)

    Took too long to arrive not sure how well algae are after being in transport for over a week

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    • Graeme Potter (store manager)

      Hello Renee, please let me know how you go with the algae ordered, happy to replace them, shipping times are a real issue with live goods.

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