Live Mosquito Larvae
Mosquito Larvae
Culex australicus
Culex male and female

Live Mosquito Larvae Subscription

This product is an easy way to feed your aquaria on a regular basis.

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Our Live Mosquito Larvae Subscription is an easy way to feed your aquaria on a regular basis.

Within one week these eggs will hatch in water and become mosquito larvae called “wigglers.” A mosquito larva looks like a small hairy worm, less than 5mm long. It has a hard round head, a soft body, an abdomen with 10 segments and a siphon tube at the tip of its abdomen.

These critters live in water for four to 14 days or longer, depending on the water temperature, hanging upside-down near the water’s surface. Mosquito larvae come to the surface to breathe through a siphon tube that pokes through the water like a snorkel.

They eat constantly since they need a lot of energy to grow. Mosquito larvae eat algae, plankton, fungi and other microorganisms in the water. Tiny fan-like brushes filter small food particles toward their mouth. One mosquito species’ larvae will even eat the larvae of other mosquitoes.

All mosquitoes undergo metamorphosis, passing through four distinct stages during their lives: egg, larva, pupa and adult.

Live Mosquito Larvae moult four times during this stage, growing larger after each moult. They’re almost 5mm long at the final moult.

Species: Culex australicus

Suitable for all freshwater carnivorous fish including:

  • Bettas, Discus
  • Live-bearers
  • Killifish
  • Labyrinth fish
  • Gobies
  • Dwarf corydoras

Furthermore, if you are living in Tasmania and want to purchase Copepods, Rotifers, Amphipods and Daphnia you will need to complete a Tasmanian Government interstate wildlife import permit.


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Aquarists of all skill levels can now have a real chance at breeding their own favourite Pipefish, Cowfish, Mandarin fish, Shrimp and more. Being able to provide essential live food that’s required for newborn and juvenile Aquaria.

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