Marine Harpacticoida Copepods


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Copepods (Harpacticoid) these copepods are bethnic in other words they are (crawlers). Excellant for seeding a new tank, and seeding prior to purchasing a Mandarinfish, Dragonet etc. 250 ml. containing many 100’s of copepods. generally under 1mm in size. **Bottles of Pods may contain, rotifers and ciliates which are live zooplankton and the perfect food for corals** Larger volumes available.


Marine Harpacticoida Copepods are a benthic species. This means they are crawlers and stay at the bottom of the tank. They are excellent for seeding a new tank and adding to a refugium.


These are very effective for seeding a reef tank prior to purchasing a Mandarin fish or Dragonet. A bottle or foil bag will contain many 1000’s of Marine Harpacticoida Copepods. Harpacticoida marine copepods are small in size approx. 100um – 300um. **Bottles of Pods may contain, rotifers which are live zooplankton and the perfect food for corals** Larger volumes available.




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Weight .100 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 mm

125ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L

16 reviews for Marine Harpacticoida Copepods

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  1. wayne y. (verified owner)

    Unfortunately I was expecting a lot more in the bottle then I could see, but I guess they were there somewhere, it’s one of those things maybe they were all very small.

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