Marine Grass Shrimp


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Marine Grass Shrimp also known as Glass Shrimp, Feeder Shrimp or Ghost Shrimp.

These creatures are cultured in a normal aquarium with a seawater salinity of 1.022- 1.025. The Acclimation process is the same as regular fish and corals. These shrimp live and thrive in your tropical marine tanks.

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Why buy Marine Grass Shrimp?Grass Shrimp-

Marine Grass Shrimp are commonly known as Glass Shrimp, Feeder Shrimp and Ghost Shrimp.

We culture these creatures in a normal aquarium with a seawater salinity of 1.022- 1.025 so they will not bring pathogens or viruses into your aquarium.

Finally, they are an excellent source of live protein, vitamins, and enzymes for most other animals in our marine tanks. No amount of frozen or non-live food can replace the nutritional value of live shrimp fed to our aquarium animals.

Benefits of Marine Grass Shrimp:

  • You can add some of these Marine Grass Shrimp before going away. The Marine Grass Shrimp will feed your inhabitants on a daily basis and also work as a cleaner crew eating the algae off the glass and rocks and food scraps and fish waste.
  • Size 7mm – 20mm
  • Furthermore, this live food is easy to store in your refugium sump area
  • These shrimp are high in nutrients
  • Marine Grass Shrimp is a live prey item
  • Finally, these shrimp will readily spawn in the reef tank. They will produce baby free-swimming larvae stages which will flow around in the current like Zooplankton and provide food for your fish and corals in the marine reef tank.
  • Moreover, the Acclimation process is the same as regular fish and corals.

What fish enjoy Marine Grass Shrimp?

Marine Grass shrimp are an excellent food source for marine aquarium fish like Tangs, Lionfish, Frogfish and Angelfish.

We are excited to finally have these shrimp available in large enough quantities, so we are offering them to the hobbyist for use in their home aquariums and for fish breeding programs.

Finally, if you have a feeding problem with a recently purchased fish specimen try feeding some of these shrimp to try to kick start their instinct for feeding again. Then, with time, you can slowly teach/ acclimate it to eat frozen or even dry foods.

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