Marine Refugium Pack


Our marine Amphipods are typically less than 10 millimetres long, they are among the more beneficial marine invertebrates we can introduce to our marine aquariums, along with copepods, rotifers and MicroMagic 5 marine species of live algae. Aquatic Live Food’s supply of amphipods, copepods and rotifers are all grazers of microalgae and macroalgae.


Complete Marine Ecosystem Maintenance

Our Marine Refugium Pack is a complete solution for maintaining a healthy marine tank ecosystem. It includes a variety of essential plankton, such as copepods, rotifers, and amphipods, all of which play a crucial role in controlling algae growth and promoting water quality.

Beneficial Marine Invertebrates

Our marine amphipods, typically under 10 millimeters in length, are highly beneficial grazers of microalgae and macroalgae. Alongside copepods and rotifers, they create a well-balanced ecosystem in both your main tank and refugium.

Use Captive-Bred Organisms

We strongly recommend using only captive-bred organisms in your reef aquarium for the best results. As female amphipods mature, they carry their eggs in a marsupium or brood pouch until they’re ready to hatch. With each brood, more eggs are produced, and without any larval stages, they directly hatch into juveniles. Achieving sexual maturity typically requires about six moults.

Start Your Culture

To start your culture, place mature amphipods in either the refugium or a filter floss compartment.

Enhance with MicroMagic

Our MicroMagic blend features five species of live marine algae, further enhancing the overall health of your aquarium. It’s the perfect complement to the Marine Refugium Pack.

This Marine Refugium Pack is your all-in-one solution for maintaining a thriving marine environment.

Marine Refugium Pack Contains:

  • Copepods
  • Rotifers
  • Amphipods
  • MicroMagic is a mix of 5 marine species of live algae

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