Marine Mysid Shrimp


Elevate the health and vibrancy of your marine aquarium with our Marine Mysid Shrimp, ideal for seahorses, sea dragons, and other finicky marine species. Known as Possum Shrimp, these nutrient-rich mysids support natural feeding behaviours and enhance the dietary intake of your marine life. Perfect for both ornamental tanks and refugium, they are crucial for maintaining a balanced ecosystem. Note: Extra quantities are provided to compensate for natural cannibalistic behaviour during transit.


Marine Mysid Shrimp, commonly known as Possum Shrimp, are an essential food source for various marine creatures, including seahorses, cowfish, sea dragons, and pipefish. These saltwater mysids can grow up to 9mm long and are perfect for ornamental marine tanks and refugium setups.

Marine Mysid Shrimp serve as a highly nutritious live feed and contribute to the ecological balance of marine aquariums by acting as a natural cleanup crew. Each shrimp carries its young in a brood pouch until fully developed, ensuring a continuous supply of healthy offspring. This makes them an excellent option for seeding established marine tanks and refugiums.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for Finicky Eaters: Marine Mysid Shrimp are perfect for encouraging new or finicky fish to eat. Small-mouthed fish and exotic marine species such as dragnets, gobies, cuttlefish, and baby cephalopods especially favour them.
  • Nutritional Benefits: Unlike freshwater Mysis, which is commonly found in stores and has a different nutritional profile, our true Marine Mysid Shrimp meet the specific dietary needs of marine seahorses and other saltwater species.
  • Natural Behaviour: Mysid shrimp exhibit a unique, cannibalistic behaviour, which can lead to a 5-15% mortality rate upon receipt. To compensate, extra shrimp are included in each order.


Important Note: For larger quantities (1000+), please get in touch with for a customized quote. Include your postcode to determine freight costs. Note: If you are not present to receive your order of Mysid Shrimp and fail to notify us within an hour of delivery, we cannot be held responsible for any DOA. Purchasing acknowledges acceptance of these conditions.

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