Nano Air Sponge Filter


Specially crafted for fish tanks, this Nano Air Sponge Filter ensures clear water and supports beneficial bacteria growth. With dual functionality and designed for up to 40-litre aquariums, it’s the key to a healthy aquatic environment. Upgrade your tank’s filtration today!

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Discover the power of our Nano Air Sponge Filter designed specifically for fish tanks. Whether you’re setting up a zooplankton culture or need a reliable filter for a quarantine tank, our sponge filter meets all your needs.

Key Features:

  • Fish Tank Optimized: Specially designed to be the perfect sponge filter for fish tanks, ensuring clear water and a healthy habitat.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for zooplankton cultures, breeding tanks, or as a secondary filter.
  • Dual Functionality: Can be used as a traditional air filter or coupled with a small powerhead (less than 180 l/h).
  • Biochemical Filtration: Filters and stabilizes aquarium water for the best fish health.
  • High Oxygen Levels: Boosts dissolved oxygen content for vibrant fish activity.
  • Easy Maintenance: High permeability design that’s effortless to clean.


  • Promote Clean Water: Assists in establishing a stable aquatic environment by filtering impurities.
  • Encourage Beneficial Bacteria: The unique foam material aids in nurturing good bacteria, essential for breaking down harmful wastes like ammonia and nitrites.
  • Ensure Fish Wellness: By maintaining a pristine habitat, your fish remain healthy and active.


  • Filtration Type: Biological
  • Power Source: Air Driven
  • Sponge Material: Cotton
  • Sponge Dimensions: 5.5cm X 4.5cm
  • Compatibility: Suitable for fish tanks up to 40 litres.

Offer your fish the best environment possible. With our top-rated Nano Air Sponge Filter for fish tanks, you’re investing in their health and happiness. Secure yours today!

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