Oak Tree Leaves | Australian Grown


10 Oak Tree Leaves, in this pack. Australian Grown and Sun Dried. Similar to Indian almond leaves but with a slower decomposition rate for lasting benefits in your tank.


Oak Tree Leaves | Australian Grown, Sun Dried

These Oak Tree Leaves are Australian grown and naturally sun-dried. The product comes in a pack of 10 sterilised leaves. The Oak Tree Leaf has very similar properties to Indian almond leaves, but due to a slower decomposing rate, they will last longer in your tank.

Benefits of Oak Tree Leaves for your Aquarium:

  • Help lower pH

Leaves are a natural water conditioner- they release tannic acid into the water and therefore help reduce the pH in your tank. Unlike commercial water conditioners, oak leaves bring down the pH gradually and the changes are long-lasting.

  • Improve water quality

Oak leaves release tannic acids and other beneficial substances, significantly improving the water quality

  • Add colouration to the water

The tannins in the leaves gradually add a darker tint to the water as they decompose, creating a more natural freshwater environment and look in the tank

  • Help fight infection

The tannings the leaves produce are said to have natural antibacterial and antifungal properties and help fish fight infections and address various health issues (e.g. fin rot in bettas)

  • Help strengthen the immune system

The leaves may help strengthen the immune system of fish and invertebrates by creating a much healthier environment.

  • Create hiding spots

Leaves create hiding spots for smaller fish and shrimp. Also, that slight staining helps to disperse light differently and creates a more comfortable environment for the fish.

  • Encourage spawning

Leaves encourage spawning by offering protection to the eggs and larvae and improved water quality.  Bettas and some other species will actively use leaves to create nests.

  • Feed the shrimp

Leaves great for shrimp tanks! Provide shelter and food at the same time and encourages breeding and overall health.

How to use the Australian Grown Tree Oak Leaf in your Aquarium:

  • Submerge in Water

Rinse the leaves and submerge them in water. You will have to initially pin down the leaves with rocks, or other substrates to prevent them from floating.

  • Float

Allow the leaves to float on the surface if you want to block out some light and create a darker environment. Plus, some fish species may take advantage of the surface shelter to build bubble nests. Floating oak leaves can provide temporary shelter for a week or 2 and will sink to the bottom as the organic matter absorbs enough water and softens.

  • Create Leaf Substrate

Wash the leaves and tear them into tiny pieces to create leaf substrate. This will speed up the decomposing and provides a more manageable food source for the shrimp. Also, creates a more natural look in your tank.

  • Make Leaf Tea

If you don’t want to add debris to your tank then you can brew the leaves into a tea and dose it into the water to reap the still numerous benefits of the oak tannins.


Rinse before use

Use 2 or more leaves for every 50L of water

Remove the carbon filter if you want the leaves to add colouration to the water

Store in a dry place


Additional information

Weight 0.020 kg
Dimensions 200 × 80 × 40 mm