Cell Culture Flask


These Cell Culture Flask are sterilised and come with a vented cap to allow the starter phytoplankton to breath. With a canted neck it allows the flasks to be stacked

Culture Flask Stackable
Culture Flask Stackable

Cell culture flasks designed for consistency, cell health and reproducibility, with the surface and ancillary options you’re looking for in a tissue culture flask. Choose a cell culture flask from a variety of sizes, with culture areas ranging from 25cm2 to 500cm2 and a selection of surface treated offerings to address.

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A Cell Culture Flask is an important component to allow for the successful growth of cell lines.

It also comes with a vented cap which makes it easy for the starter phytoplankton to breathe. The flasks has a canted neck, which makes it easy for you to stack them onto each other.


Furthermore, you can choose from a variety of sizes of culture flasks, with areas ranging from 25cm2 to 500cm2 and a selection of surface-treated offerings to address.



  • Dow Corning, 25cm²
  • Sterilised
  • Vented Cap
  • Rectangular Canted Neck for easy stacking


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