Triops Food Pack

Triops Food Pack

Various dried: planktons, copepods, rotifers, amphipods, daphnia, bloodworms, blackworms, chlorella, haematococcus, spirulina, and chlamydomonas.


Triops Food Pack


Triops Food Pack

Available in 7gm or 30gm

Offering a rich and diverse diet is essential for the health and vitality of your Triops, and with our Triops Food Pack, you can ensure they get all the nutrients they need. This pack contains a mix of dried foods, each chosen for its unique benefits.

Included in the Pack:

Dried Planktons: Tiny aquatic organisms, planktons are a rich source of essential fatty acids and proteins, providing energy and promoting growth in Triops.

Dried Copepods: Small crustaceans packed with nutrients are an ideal bite-sized treat for your Triops.

Dried Rotifers: Microscopic aquatic animals that are a primary food source in freshwater environments, boosting digestive health.

Dried Amphipods: Small crustaceans that provide a crunchy bite packed with essential nutrients.

Dried Daphnia: Often referred to as ‘water fleas’, daphnia offers a great fibre source, aiding digestion.

Dried Bloodworms: Larvae of the midge fly, these worms are a protein-packed treat many aquatic creatures love.

Dried Blackworms: Offering high protein and fat content, these worms are a hearty meal for Triops, ensuring optimal growth.

Dried Chlorella: A type of green algae, chlorella is rich in protein, vitamins, and other essential nutrients.

Dried Haematococcus Pluvialis is a rich source of the antioxidant astaxanthin, promoting overall health and vibrancy.

Dried Spirulina: A blue-green algae loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, aiding in immune support.

Dried Chlamydomonas: A single-celled green algae, an excellent source of proteins and beneficial fats.

Enhance the diet of your Triops with our all-in-one food pack, ensuring they get a balanced and diverse range of nutrients. Order now and watch them thrive!

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