Green Sea Lettuce


Macro algae is always a great addition to your aquarium as it provides a bright colour and a natural element for your fish and zooplankton to enjoy!

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The leaves or fronds of Green Sea Lettuce are flat, smooth, and irregularly shaped. Several broad fronds arising from the base or holdfast attach it securely to hard surfaces.


Benefits of Green Sea Lettuce Macroalgae:

  • Macroalgae is always a great addition to your aquarium.
  • This product removes excess nutrients in the water column.
  • Excellent in a reactor.
  • These excess nutrients cause most nuisance algae and many other tank issues.
  • They also provide shelter and breeding places for copepods and other live food in your tank.


More About Aquatic Live Food…

Above all, our mission is to supply Australian aquariums with sustainable land-farmed premium aquaria. This aims to stop the removal and destruction of coral reefs for the wild-caught aquaria*.

Therefore, we can provide continuous, high-quality production of popular live foods.

Finally, Aquarists of all skill levels can now have a real chance at breeding their favourite fish. Being able to provide essential live food that’s required for newborn and juvenile Aquaria.

In conclusion, this Green Sea Lettuce is only one of the many products we are proud to offer at Aquatic Live Food. Check out our website for many more exciting products in store!

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