Copepods Wild Zooplankton Mix

Copepods Wild Zooplankton Mix


Australian Plankton now offers proper live marine Zooplankton, not the (single rotifer& copepod, algae) mix you might currently buy or the dead stuff with preservatives to stop the contents rotting.
This is the real thing, 3 strains of Rotifer, 4 types of Copepod, 3 Amphipods, 3 Isopods, Nanoplanktonic Flagellates, Euphausiids, Mysidacea, Salps, Pteropods and many others.


Wild Plankton Under Microscope
Wild Zooplankton in Petri Dish.


Zooplankton is made up of small water invertebrates which feed on phytoplankton. Even though “plankton” means passively floating or drifting, some representatives of zooplankton may be strong swimmers. The yearly plankton cycle consists of various phytoplankton species blooming in response to a particular sequence of changes in temperature, salinity, photo-period and light intensity, nutrient availability, and a consequent bloom of zooplankton populations. Phytoplankton and zooplankton populations are therefore intimately linked in a continuous cycle of bloom and decline that has evolved and persisted throughout millions of years of evolution.

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Each bottle contains:

Rotifers L, S and SS, copepods 4 varieties, amphipods 3 varieties, larvae from crabs, jellyfish, krill, isopods, cnidarians, ctenophores, tunicates, mussels, crayfish, fish, phytoplanktons, veliger larvae, cladocera and euphausids to name some.

If you are living in Tasmania and want to purchase Copepods, Rotifers, Amphipods and Daphnia you will need to complete a Tasmanian Government interstate wildlife import permit.

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Weight 0.150 g
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 12 cm

125ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L


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